Your Family Matters

Your Family Matters provides tools to help the citizens of Summit County plan for the future and help protect heirs and assets after a death. It also offers information about property deeds, probate court, vehicle titles and more. Your family matters is designed as a presentation to the community but much of the information is contained here.

The Following Materials Are Distributed At Each Your Family Matters Presentation:

Personal Records Document

Start by filling out the Personal Records DocumentThis is a four-page inventory helping you to consolidate your current assets, account numbers, personal information and computer passwords. This will prompt you to make sure your will, insurance documents and beneficiaries are updated.

Straight Talk About Probate is an informational sheet defining terms related to filing an Estate after a person’s death.
The Probate Court Brochure highlights the programs and services offered by Probate Court.

End of Life Planning

The Advance Directives Brochure defines the various types of advance directives which allow you to express your wishes regarding personal, business, healthcare and end-of-life decisions.  For more information on this, go to End of Life Planning.


If you want to Avoid Probate after your death you can do a number of things on your own:


You can transfer your bank accounts by making them “payable on death” accounts which transfer the ownership of the accounts to your designee(s) after your death.  You can transfer your investment accounts by naming beneficiaries on each account. Talk to your financial institution about what they require and what your designee will need to do.  The money or investments will transfer without Probate and are easily divided.

You can transfer property without probate in two other ways.  But, please, think carefully about this if you are considering leaving it to more than one person.  If you want your heirs to have the property, subject to a mortgage or lien, then consider the transfer on death documents.  However, if you really want them to have the money from a sale, consider doing so through a will which will be supervised by the Probate Court.

If you own real estate, you can transfer property in Ohio without Probate by executing a Transfer on Death deed and filing it with the Fiscal Office.  For more information go to Summit County Fiscal Office.

To Transfer vehicles including boats without Probate, you can change your title to include a transfer on death title. For more information go to Summit County Clerk Of Courts.