Britney Spears Would Have More Protections In Summit County Courts

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Betty Lin-Fisher: Tips For End-Of-Life Planning At Any Age

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Change of Gender on Birth Records

Summit County Probate Court Change in Ohio Law allows Change of Gender on Birth Records. (Summit County, Ohio – July, 2021) – Due to a recent Federal court decision, birth certificates can be changed to reflect a transition in gender. This may be necessary to get travel compliant documents, including a driver’s license.  Persons wishing to make such a change can do so in Probate Court following the procedures similar to making other changes on birth certificates.  This requires an application, affidavits in support, and a filing fee. The Court may or may not hold a hearing.  Once the Court issues an order to change the gender designation on a birth certificate, a certified copy is sent to the Office of Vital Statistics which makes the change. A new birth certificate will then be available reflecting the change from male to female or vice versa.  At this time, Ohio does not recognize any other gender identification. The entire process is confidential and may be done one time. These changes can only be made to Ohio birth certificates.  People born in other states are subject to the rules of that state. Individuals should file in the Probate Court of the county of birth, the county of residence, or the county in which their mother resided at the time of birth. Those wishing to make the change should review the information under the Blue button listed as Birth Registration/Corrections on Summit County Probate Court website. If there are questions on this procedure contact the Court at (330)...

State of the Court 2021

Summit County Probate Court was open throughout the shutdowns of Covid.  Learn here how services for the public and those in need were maintained and the work of the court went on safely throughout this challenging year. Adoptions, marriage licenses, guardianships, mediations and estates continued. Probate staff assisted with Covid relief. Thousands of cards by our community were delivered to seniors isolated during this difficult time. Our partnership with Summit Metro Parks allowed for in person outdoor weddings with some restrictions again this year. Adoptions continued some on zoom and some in person. Art collaborations accelerated with Curated Courthouse. The Senior Summit, though cancelled in 2020 was set to happen virtually in May 2021 free to all. This and much more in the 2021 State of the...

Grant From Ohio Supreme Court Supports Local Hearings

Summit County Probate Court was awarded a technology grant from the Ohio Supreme Court in April 2020 in the amount of $14,029 to purchase items that assisted in the response to COVID-19.  Prior to the pandemic, issues of security over court records meant that court computers were not equipped with cameras or microphones. These addition have allowed important hearings and other court business to continue throughout the stay at home and social distancing orders. “The Supreme Court of Ohio has provided lower courts the ability to continue to serve the public safely,” said Judge Stormer. “We are grateful for the support and recognizing our needs.” Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor announced the court would assist lower courts in need of technology that would allow remote access. Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer said the funds will be used to purchase secure laptops with cameras to allow court personnel to conduct remote mandatory hearings and for court investigators to continue their important work. Some of this work will continue long after the lock-downs to make hearings simpler for many when coming to the court is difficult.  To read more Click...