Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer OpportunitiesThe Volunteer Guardian Program, a collaborative effort by various County agencies and the Probate Court, exists to meet the need of the growing number of indigent wards in Summit County.  The program matches a volunteer guardian with one person who is unable to make decisions for him or herself.  No prior experience is needed because there is extensive training. Volunteers visit their ward once a month, respond to calls about medical treatment, and submit an annual report to the Court.

If you wish to become a Volunteer Guardian, you must be at least 21 years old, have reliable transportation, submit an application with references, attend an interview and training session, and complete a no cost background check.

To hear from our volunteer guardians, see the Volunteer Guardian Program video.

To learn more about becoming a Volunteer Guardian, contact Julie Falter, Volunteer Recruiter for the Volunteer Guardian Program, at: or (330) 703-5970.


The Senior Visitor Program helps to monitor the care and circumstances of wards residing in long-term care facilities. The services of Senior Visitor Program volunteers provide both a support to the guardian in place and a valuable tool to ensure that the needs of these seniors are being met.

Once the initial training is complete, you decide when to accept a case and the number of cases your schedule will allow. You visit one of our seniors, fill out a brief report and return it to the Court.   If you report a problem, the Court takes action. If you find no problem, you will always brighten the day of the person you visit!

To become a Senior Visitor volunteer, you must be 21 years old, hold a current Ohio driver’s license, have dependable transportation, complete an application with three references, and complete a no cost background check.

To hear from our volunteer visitors, see the Senor Visitor Program video.

To learn more about becoming a Senior Visitor Volunteer, contact the Probate Court’s Senior Visitor Program at (330) 643-8771 or by email at