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Resources for Estate Planning

Resources to help with Estate Planning

An estate plan is designed to transfer your assets to others upon your death. Without an estate plan, a significant portion of the assets you have accumulated throughout your life, both at your job and with your investments, can be lost or given to unintended beneficiaries.

As you begin to build your personal estate plan, or update an existing one, the following resources may be helpful in gathering information in determining your next step. Consult an estate attorney and a financial professional with specific questions relevant to your situation.

Personal Records Document

The Personal Records Document [1] is a four-page inventory helping you to consolidate your current assets, account numbers, personal information and computer passwords.

Straight Talk About Probate

Straight Talk About Probate [2] is an informational sheet defining terms related to filing an Estate.

Advance Directives Brochure

The Advance Directives Brochure [3] defines the various types of advance directives which allow you to express your wishes regarding personal, business, healthcare and end-of-life decisions.