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Private Adoption – Legal Placement

(Legal Placement has been made)

Private adoption with legal placement is used when seeking to adopt a child who has been legally placed in your home by guardianship, custody, or is your grandchild.

Because of Ohio Law and the complexity of the process you must have an attorney or agency representation.  It is important to note that the Court cannot give any legal advice so you should consult with an attorney and licensed Ohio public adoption agency with any legal questions. 

Representation by an Attorney is mandatory for all parties, and birth parent(s) must be represented by a separate attorney.   


When Filing for a Private Adoption with Legal Placement:

The following guidelines may not be a completely comprehensive list but should help you in the process with your attorney.


What I need to do for the Private Adoption:


For the Birth Father:


For the Birth Parents:


For the Birth Parent(s) Attorney:

Prepare these forms and deliver them, unsigned, to the Court the day before the relinquishment hearing. They are to be signed at the hearing. Note: The relinquishment hearing is held no earlier than 72 hours after the birth parent assessment.


Fill out and file these forms/materials:


Filing Fees: