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Minor’s Claims/Funds

Applications to Expend Funds from Minor Accounts


A guardian of a minor’s estate is required to preserve the minor’s funds. The Court will not approve applications to expend funds simply because the guardian requests the funds. Instead, the Court will consider the specific circumstances of each application and consider the best interest of the minor. For example, the Court will always consider the age of the minor and the amount of funds in the estate. More restrictions will apply to estates under $25,000. Each application will be reviewed by a Magistrate and may be approved or denied with or without a hearing.

In order to expend funds from a minor’s estate, the guardian MUST explain in writing:

(1) A NEED for the funds for the purpose of the minor’s support, maintenance, medical care, or education, and

(2) That the minor’s parent(s) are unable to fulfill their responsibility to financially support the minor. (A Household Resource Worksheet [1] must be filled out and filed with the application.)

Examples of expenditures that will NOT generally be approved:

Application to Expend Funds from Minor Accounts [2] MUST be filed with supporting documents (i.e. Invoices, Receipts, Household Resource Worksheet, etc.).   See Local Rule 66.1(A)(15) for additional information.