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Instructions for Filing an Application for Conservatorship

What is a Conservatorship?


What to do:

To be a Conservator, fill out these forms – please type or print neatly.

Form 20.0 [1] – Application for Appointment of Conservator

Form 15.0a [2] – Next of Kin of Proposed Conservatee

Form 15.1 [3] – Waiver and Consent

Form 15.2a [4] – Fiduciary’s Acceptance Conservator

Form 15.3a [5] – Conservator’s Bond (determined at the hearing as to necessity and amount)

Form GA-M.10 [6]Non-Public Record Information

Form GA-M.12 [7]Guardian’s Credibility Application


Fill out these forms after you have been appointed as a Conservator.

Form 15.1 [3]Conservator’s (Guardian) Inventory

Form 15.8 [8]Conservator’s (Guardian) Account

These forms are only needed when releasing or expending Conservatee funds.

Form 15.6 [9]Application for Authority to Release Funds

Form 15.7 [10]Application for Authority to Expend Funds/Order

Filing Fee:

The filing fee is $240.00

If you use a credit card, a 3% charge will be added.