Guardianship Videos

Welcome to the Probate Court “I Want to Become a Guardian” series of Videos.

The Court has created this series of videos, each presented by an expert on the subject.  Our goal is to educate the public and to help make specific Court service areas more understandable.

Guardianship at Probate Court
A Probate Court magistrate covers what you need to know as you consider becoming a guardian.
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Guardian of the Person
A Probate Court Chief Magistrate gives an in-depth explanation of the duties of the Guardian of the Person.
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Guardian of the Estate
A comprehensive discussion by a Probate Court Chief Magistrate of the duties of the Guardian of the Estate.  A Court Accounts Department expert covers the Ohio guardian reporting and record-keeping requirements.
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Guardianship of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
An in-depth look at the quality of care and support for your ward with developmental disabilities.
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Guardianship:  As Your Special Needs Child Becomes An Adult
Parents ask Judge Stormer questions about guardianship and share their hopes and dreams for their DD children as they become adults.
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Hospice and Palliative Care, A Guardian’s Guide
A physician and hospital administrator defines both hospice and palliative care and how to make the right choice for your ward or loved one.
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A Licensed Social Worker and Clinical Counselor answers the question….  How can understanding diversity help me become a better guardian?
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Navigating a Nursing Facility, Communication is Key
A nursing home Administrator provides insight and tips on working with long-term care providers.
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Neurocognitive Disorders, What Guardians Need to Know
A PhD nurse/educator discusses an array of neurocognitive disorders, including Alzheimer’s and dementia, and their treatment.
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