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Guardianship of a Minor

What is a Guardian?

A guardian is appointed by Probate Court to protect, make decisions for, and act for a person in need of a guardianship. The person needing a guardian is known as a ward. A guardian of a minor, once appointed by the Court, will receive Letters of Authority to act as legal guardian of the ward.


Three types of minor guardianships:


Rights/Information for the Ward:


How do I become a Guardian?


Information for the Guardian and the Minor’s family:


Forms to File with the Court:

Form 16.0 [1] – Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor

Form GM.4 [2] Addendum to Application for Appointment of Guardian of Minor

Form 16.1 [3]Affidavit

Form 16.2 [4]Selection of Guardian of Minor Over Fourteen Years of Age

Form 15.0 [5] – Next of Kin of Proposed Ward

Form 15.1 [6]Waiver of Notice and Consent

Form 15.2 [7] – Fiduciary’s Acceptance Guardian

Form 15.3 [8] – Guardian’s Bond (determined at the hearing)

Form GA-M.10 [9] – Non-Public Record Information

Form GA-M.12 [10] – Guardian’s Credibility Application

NOTE: A copy of the Minor’s Birth Certificate is required


Fill out this form after you have been appointed Guardian.

Form 15.5 [11]Guardian’s Inventory (due within three months after appointment date).


These forms are only needed when releasing or expending the Minor’s funds.

Form 15.6 [12]Application for Authority to Release Funds

Form 15.7 [13]Application for Authority to Expend Funds/Order


Guardian’s Account:

Form 15.8 [14]Guardian’s Account


Form GM.1 [15] – Guardian’s Report:


Filing for a Minor Settlement, fill out these forms.

Form 22.0 [16] – Application to Settle a Minor’s Claim


Form GM.6 [17] – Addendum – Minor Settlement

Form 22.2 [18]Judgment Entry – Minor Settlement

Form GA-M.10 [9] – Non-Public Record Information



To file Dispensing with a Guardianship of an Estate under $25,000, fill out these forms.

Form GM.2 [19]Application to Pay or Deliver Estate of a Minor without Appointment of a Guardian

Form GM.3 [20]Entry Dispensing with Appointment of Guardian and Ordering Deposit or Delivery

Form GM.5 [21]Verification of Receipt and Deposit


Filing Fees: