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Accounts Department
The Accounts Department is responsible for reviewing and auditing inventories and accountings for estates, guardianships, conservatorships and trusts. We strive to ensure that all assets are properly managed and directives are followed.

Accounting Department Principles:

The following documents may be helpful in preparing your inventories and annual accountings:

The Household Resource Worksheet [1] helps to identify a ward’s actual portion of monthly expenses within the household where they live.

The Rules for Guardianship Accounts [2] provides guidelines for preparing the annual Guardian’s accounting.

The Application to Expend Funds from Minor Accounts [3] offers a guideline for requesting funds from a minor’s estate.

Accounts Office:
Contact the Accounts Office at 330-643-2337 for questions regarding inventories and accountings.

Cashier’s Office:
For questions regarding filing fees, contact the Probate Court’s Cashier at 330-643-2353.