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Grant From Ohio Supreme Court Supports Local Hearings

Summit County Probate Court was awarded a technology grant from the Ohio Supreme Court in April 2020 in the amount of $14,029 to purchase items that assisted in the response to COVID-19.  Prior to the pandemic, issues of security over court records meant that court computers were not equipped with cameras or microphones. These addition have allowed important hearings and other court business to continue throughout the stay at home and social distancing orders.

“The Supreme Court of Ohio has provided lower courts the ability to continue to serve the public safely,” said Judge Stormer. “We are grateful for the support and recognizing our needs.”

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor announced the court would assist lower courts in need of technology that would allow remote access. Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer said the funds will be used to purchase secure laptops with cameras to allow court personnel to conduct remote mandatory hearings and for court investigators to continue their important work. Some of this work will continue long after the lock-downs to make hearings simpler for many when coming to the court is difficult.  To read more Click Here [1]