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I Want To Adopt

Helping a child and parent become a family is one of the most rewarding duties of the Court. Whether you are a two-parent family, a single parent or a stepparent, consider creating a loving “forever” bond with a child through adoption.

Probate Court has the responsibility for finalizing all adoptions within Summit County, and depending on your personal situation, there are numerous ways to successfully adopt.  We invite you to watch our video, Foster Care to Adoption:  A Journey to a Forever Family [1], to hear parents share their experiences as foster-to-adopt families.

Upon completion of a home study and all other legal requirements, Probate Court determines if the prospective parent is the right choice for this child. You will need legal counsel.

Depending on your personal situation, there are seven avenues for completing an adoption or obtaining a Foreign Birth Record. The guidelines for each are listed below.


Public Agency adoption is used when you seek to adopt a child who is in legal custody of a public adoption agency.
Public Agency Adoption [2]

Private Agency adoption is used when you seek to adopt a child who is in legal custody of a private adoption agency.
Private Agency Adoption [3]

Private adoption –is used when you seek to adopt a child who has yet to be born or has not been previously placed in your home.
Private Adoption [4]

Private adoption – legal placement is used when seeking to adopt a child who has been legally placed in your home by guardianship, custody, or is your grandchild.
Private Adoption Legal Placement [5]

Stepparent adoption is used when the custodial parent’s new spouse petitions the Court to adopt.
Stepparent Adoption [6]

Foreign Re-Adoption is used when the parent(s) of a foreign born/adopted child petitions the State of Ohio to recognize the adoption and issue a birth certificate.
Foreign Re-Adoption [7]

Adult adoption is used when an individual over 18 years old wishes to be adopted while meeting the criteria of the Ohio adopting laws.
Adult Adoption [8]

Request for a Foreign Birth Record is used when the parents of an adopted, foreign born child seek a foreign birth record (Ohio Birth Certificate).
Request for Foreign Birth Record [9]

Same-sex Adoption Chart [10]
Second Parent Adoption [11]
Second Parent Adoption Update [12]

Adoption – FAQ’s [13]