Private Adoption

(Adoptive Placement needs to be made)


Notice: Representation by an Attorney is mandatory for all parties, and birth parent(s) must be represented by a separate attorney.


An adoption agency or approved assessor must complete Form JFS 1616 – the Birth Parent Assessment, Social Medical History, Form 1673 – Home Study, Form 1699 – Prefinalization Report, and monthly Post Placement Reports.


Attorney for the Adopting Family must file/prepare the following to open the case:

  • Form AD.6.0 – Pre-Placement Application.
  • Notices of Appearance for both attorneys.
  • Form AD.2.1 – Order for Home Study Assessment (signed).
  • Form 1673 – Home Study, with copy of BCI final report (FBI if applicable).
  • Form JFS 1693 – Ohio Laws and Adoption Materials (and case notes.)
  • Call Probate Court immediately upon the birth of the child to schedule the hearings.
  • In cases where the birth father is not listed on the adoptee’s birth certificate, you must mail in Form JFS 1695 Application for Search of Ohio Putative Father Registry to Columbus and file the final search result.


Attorney for the Adopting Family must prepare the following for the Placement Hearing:

(Deliver these forms, unsigned, to the Court the day before the hearing is scheduled)

  • Form AD.6.3 – Withdrawal of Consent.
  • Form AD.6.2 – Agreement to Pay Expenses.
  • Form 18.9 – Petitioner’s Preliminary Estimate Accounting.
  • Form AD.6.5 or Form  AD.6.6 – Entry on Placement.
  • Form AD.6.4 – Entry on Release.


Attorney for the Adopting Family must file the following before the Final Hearing is set:

  • Form 18.0 – Petition for Adoption (filed within 90 days of placement).
  • Form 18.1 – Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice.
  • Form JFS 1616 – Social Medical History (signed and containing non-identifying information).
  • Putative Father Registry – Final Results (if applicable).
  • Form 1699 – Prefinalization Assessment (and all monthly Post Placement Reports).
  • Form 18.9 – Petitioner’s Final Accounting (must include separate breakdown of expenses paid to the birth mother).
  • Form 18.7 – Final Order of Adoption.
  • Form HEA 2757 – Certificate of Adoption.
  • Certified copy of child’s birth certificate (must be long form).


Note: The final hearing will be set after the child has been placed in the home for 6 months and all paperwork has been filed.



For the Birth Parent(s) Attorney:

Prepare these forms and deliver them, unsigned, to the Court the day before the relinquishment hearing. They are to be signed at the hearing. Note: The relinquishment hearing is held no earlier than 72 hours after the birth parent assessment.

  • Form AD.6.1 – Application for Approval of Placement.
  • Form 18.3 – Consent to Adoption.
  • Form AD.6.3 – Withdrawal of Consent.
  • Form AD.7 – Addendum to Consent.


Filing Fees:

  • Filing fee $314 for each child.
  • If you use a credit card, a 3% charge will be added.
  • The attorney fee for the birth parent(s) is the responsibility of the petitioners.