Marraige License Information

I’m Getting Married

Congratulations! As you prepare for your wedding, one of your stops is to visit Probate Court to get your marriage license.

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Adoption Information

I Want To Adopt

Every child deserves to grow up in a loving family, and adoption is one way in which a person can provide a loving home for a child.

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My Loved One Has Passed

It’s not easy to lose a loved one. In addition to dealing with heartbreak, you may be asked to settle the “estate.” Where do you begin?

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Public Records

I Want To Become a Guardian

If age or infirmity takes away an individual’s ability to make good choices, the Probate Court will appoint a guardian.

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Additional Resources

Probate Court Accepts Generous Donation

Probate Court Accepts Generous Donation

Apr 21, 2017

This week the Court accepted a generous donation in the form of a $1000 gift card from the Andrea Rose Teodosio Memorial Foundation.  The gift card will be used to purchase various undergarments for the Court’s indigent senior wards across Summit County.  The Spring Cleaning for Good Clothing Drive continues April 17 through May 19. “Andrea was always passionate about assisting seniors. During her life, she created friendships and learned valuable lessons from serving this population,” said Christopher. “The Andrea Rose Teodosio Memorial Foundation is honored to work with the Summit County Probate Court to provide important resources to indigent seniors.” The Andrea Rose Teodosio Memorial Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to demonstrate the values Andrea held close to her heart. These include compassionately assisting the underprivileged and elderly, actively addressing environmental issues and promoting community service and education. “There is a great need in our community for these seniors in long-term care particularly for undergarments,” said Magistrate Nicole Walker.  “This donation will go a long way in helping with this effort.”    ...

Akron Attorneys Help Children of Immigrants

Millions of children, who are American born citizens, live with an undocumented parent. Summit County Probate Court encourages parents to put paperwork in place that provides instructions for the oversight of their children. This would help avoid situations that could place children in the custody of Summit County Children’s Services. “They belong to us, they are our citizens, so how can we make that process, should it happen as painless on the children as possible?” said Summit County Probate Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer. “That’s our goal.”   Read more...

State Of The Court 2017

Summit County Probate court assists the citizens of our county in many aspects of their lives.  The State of Court 2017 focuses on the highlights of the past year, but these numbers only tell part of the story.  Our staff continues to excel at service to our county often working to provide excellent customer service and going above and beyond with their outreach in the community.  Innovative programs like New Day Court, a first in Ohio, helps those hospitalized for mental illness to avoid returning to the hospital.  The Your Family Matters program informs about how to protect property and heirs and was presented at over 100 speaking engagements to stakeholders in the past year. Please continue to contact me with your suggestions or comments. Thank you, Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer Summit County Probate...