Foreign Adoption

What I need to do for a Foreign Adoption:

  • You must hire an attorney or go through an Ohio adoption agency. This is a State of Ohio law.
  • For purposes of adoption, the child to be adopted must live in the home of the petitioner at least 6 months before the final hearing.
  • Bring the original and a copy of the Foreign Adoption Decree or the Certificate of Adoption, and the birth certificate. If these documents are in a language other than English, you must bring a certified translation. The Court will return the originals to you.
  • Bring the original and a copy of the passport, visa, and citizenship papers. The Court will review each document and return the originals to you.
  • Bring a copy of the BCI and FBI final reports from the agency for filing with the Court.
  • You must provide copies of all home studies, post placement visits, and any other documents or notes related to the adoption.
  • A Pre-finalization Assessment Report (1699) must be completed by the adoption agency/social worker and filed with the Court.


When Filing for a Foreign Readoption:

  • All forms must be typed.
  • Use full birth-names and no initials.
  • If there is no middle name or initial, use (NMI) in the spaces provided.
  • Make sure all signatures are included on all forms.


Fill out and file these forms:

Form 19.2Petition to Recognize Foreign Adoption (The “Other” box on page 2 must be checked that you wish the Court to issue a Final Decree of Adoption.)

Form 19.3 – Order for Ohio Birth Record for Foreign Born Child

Form 18.1 – Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice

Form 18.7 – Final Order of Adoption (without Interlocutory Order)

Form 18.9 – Petitioner’s Account

Form HEA 2757 – Certificate of Adoption


Filing Fee:     

  • The filing fee is $159 for the first child and $121 for each additional child.
  • If you use a credit card, a 3% charge will be added.
  • Make checks made payable to the “Summit County Probate Court.”