State Of The Court 2017

Summit County Probate court assists the citizens of our county in many aspects of their lives.  The State of Court 2017 focuses on the highlights of the past year, but these numbers only tell part of the story.  Our staff continues to excel at service to our county often working to provide excellent customer service and going above and beyond with their outreach in the community.  Innovative programs like New Day Court, a first in Ohio, helps those hospitalized for mental illness to avoid returning to the hospital.  The Your Family Matters program informs about how to protect property and heirs and was presented at over 100 speaking engagements to stakeholders in the past year. Please continue to contact me with your suggestions or comments. Thank you, Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer Summit County Probate...

Guardian News

NOTE: The Guardian’s Handbook and the Guardian’s Annual Report form have been updated. Both are available on our website. In accordance with the changes in the Supreme Court Superintendence Rules for Guardianship, there are two new forms. The Guardian’s Annual Report form has been updated. It is available on the website. Please disregard any old forms that you have. Additionally, the Annual Plan For Guardianship form is now available. This is a new requirement under the rule changes. This form must be submitted annually and is suggested to be submitted at the time of the Guardian’s...

Adoption News

As of March 20, 2015, Senate Bill 23 modified the law governing records of adoptions that were finalized between January 1, 1964, and September 18, 1996. This law will now allow those whose adoptions were finalized between January 1, 1964 to September 18, 1996 to gain access to their adoption file and original birth record from the Ohio Department of...

My Loved One Has Passed

My Loved One Has Passed

Jan 9, 2015

When a person dies, some assets automatically transfer to named beneficiaries like life insurance or investment accounts; others can transfer outside of probate, such as joint and survivorship real estate or property recorded to transfer on death. All other property, real or personal, must be transferred through Probate court. This is known as “probating the estate.” Once Probate receives a request to open and administer an estate, the Court appoints a “fiduciary” to handle the affairs of the deceased person. The fiduciary first inventories the decedent’s assets and liabilities to ensure that property is properly collected, managed, and fairly distributed among the creditors and their heirs and/or beneficiaries, according to the directions of the decedent and/or the laws of Ohio. Naming a fiduciary to administer the estate, hiring an attorney, probating the Will, and handling all of the financial responsibilities can be a daunting process. Due to the complexity of the law and the legal issues that may be involved in estate administration, the Court recommends that all fiduciaries seek legal counsel. Good legal advice and guidance can expedite probate and prevent costly errors.   Straight Talk About Probate Straight Talk About Probate is an informational sheet defining terms related to filing an Estate.   The Value of the Estate’s Assets Determines the Type of Estate Filing The types of estate filing include:   Short Form Release from Administration When the deceased person’s estate is valued at $4,500 or less, and the funeral bill is paid, click on the following Short Form Release from Administration. Instructions for Filing Short Form Release from Administration   Summary Release from Administration When the deceased person’s estate is valued under the lesser of $5,000 or the amount of decedent’s funeral and burial expenses and the applicant has paid the funeral bill (or is obliged in writing to pay the funeral bill), or there is a surviving spouse, assets are under $45,000, and the decedent’s funeral and burial expenses have been prepaid, paid by the surviving spouse (or the spouse is obligated in writing to pay the funeral bill), follow the instructions for a Summary Release from Administration. Instructions for Filing Summary Release from Administration   Release from Administration...

Welcome to Summit County Probate Court

Welcome to Summit County Probate Court

Dec 3, 2014

Welcome to the Summit County Probate Court website. Our goal is to assist those in need in the many important areas our Court serves. We seek to do this with integrity and being faithful to the laws of the State of Ohio.